In its day a fashionable spa, one of the oldest in the South, renowned as Old Sweet, it opened as a watering place in 1792.

Despite being designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1970, the sanitarium/resort has deteriorated to the point where its very survival is threatened. The entire facility and attached acres were privately purchased in August of 2015 and renamed Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation. With the aid of grants, private donations, fundraising events, and a team of dedicated local volunteers, we are committed to restoring the Old Sweet to its former grandeur, thus reviving the local economy and preserving an important piece of American history.

Our Projects.  

Below are three of the first projects that will take place as soon as funding is secured and work can begin. An estimated cost is provided for each project, highlighting the magnitude and the amount of assistance required through grants, donations, in-kind work, and volunteer work necessary for the restoration to be complete and the Old Sweet revived.

Project 1. Repair/Parging of Arches

The Jefferson Arches below the front veranda have been re-bricked and parged. Parging of the bricks provides weather protection and returns the bricks to their original condition. There will be more opportunities for brick work as we move forward. Watch for the next bid opportunities. 

Project 2. Roof Repairs

One half of the slate roof on the hotel will be repaired – this project has begun – and the other half will be replaced with standing seam. All of the intricate Jefferson style “dental mold” on the eaves will be restored. In addition, the gutters and downspouts will be repaired or replaced.  The slate roofing project is underway.  There will be more opportunities for roof work  in near future.  Watch for new bid opportunities

Estimated cost ~$250,000 – 300,00.00

Project 3. Asbestos SurveyAn updated Asbestos Survey as well as a Phase 1 Environmental Study needs to be conducted before major construction work can be initiated. 
Estimated cost ~$3,000 – 5,000

Among the top priorities for the Foundation in 2020 is securing funding to stabilize and repair the brickwork around the Mineral Spring Pool Spa also known as the bathhouse. It is an important restoration project as it would provide access for visitors to the water which has been the valley’s primary draw from the beginning.

The life-giving Mineral Water and Baths and natural beauty of the area, attracted Native Americans and later the first European settlers.

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