Paranormal Investigation Information

Sweet Springs Sanitarium


1 First, make sure the date that you want is available by emailing Cindie Harper at:

2 Once you’ve established that your desired date is free, next you’ll need to know the prices.


Monday through Sunday are all the same price donation: $750.00

**If we find out that you are charging people money to attend YOUR “hosted” events at our location, without our prior knowledge or approval, we will ask you to leave and you will not receive a refund. **

3. When you pay, you are reserving a spot for that specific date and time. Due to this, we do not offer any type of refunds. A security deposit of $250 dollar donation is required upon booking in order to hold your date on the calendar. If you are not able to provide the security deposit, we will not be able to hold the date. This rule is STRICT to prevent confusion and double booking.

4. We accept PAYPAL. You will be given instructions on which email address to send your security deposit to followed by a confirmation when received.

5. Once payment is received, you will receive confirmation that your date is reserved and secured for your investigation.

6. The required non-refundable donation fee MUST be paid in full by PAYPAL two weeks prior to your arrival at Old Sweet.

Please send Cindie Harper an email at: in order to confirm your date and to confirm that your donation was received.

7. This price is good for a maximum number of 10 people. No exceptions.

8. All visitors and/or members of your team MUST sign a WAIVER form prior to being allowed to enter the building.

9. We do NOT guarantee any paranormal activity during your visit. If nothing happens, try booking a second night.

10. No demonic or satanic rituals of any kind.

11. No open flames, candles

12. No pets of any kind.

13. No smoking except in designated areas. This includes electronic cigarettes, pipes, etc.

*** WiFi and Cell Phone Service is not available at this time.***

If we find that you are violating ANY of these rules at ANYTIME, you will be asked to leave immediately and you will NOT receive a refund.

Things to note:



We allow visitors to check in between 6pm and 8pm but this must be agreed upon prior to your arrival.


We do not allow anyone to sleep overnight. If you choose to nap before leaving, you may do so but you are responsible for bringing sleeping bags, etc. Our doors close at 8 AM.


We do NOT have running water in the building.

We have portable toilets for use.

Please bring hand sanitizer, masks, maintain social distance of 6 feet apart at all times.

We do have a room set up for your use to use as a “base camp.” This room has a small microwave, an older coffee pot, and a small refrigerator for your use. Please bring your own cups, coffee, creamer, etc as we do not always have these items on hand.

Some parts of the building have electric and others do not.

WiFi is limited at this time.

We are 20-30 miles from any fast food establishments. So please bring your own snacks, drinks, etc.


No person younger than 18 years of age will be allowed to participate in paranormal investigations at the Sweet Springs Sanitarium.

Make sure to bring your flashlights, cameras, digital recorder, EMF meter, etc…

Please dress appropriately for the weather and remember that there is NO heat in the building.

Intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave.

No drugs or alcohol will be tolerated.

All proceeds/donations from paranormal investigations go DIRECTLY to restoring and preserving the property.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindie Harper at

Thank you! Have a blessed day!