Cindie Harper, Emili Garretson and Silesia Quick’s Evidence from Sweet Springs Sanitarium put West Virginia on the map in 2021 Evidence Reveal!

West Virginia hits the big league!

What is so fantastic and special about Cindie Harper and her paranormal research at Sweet Springs Sanitarium you ask? In 2021, Cindie and her team took part in a global paranormal experiment, named “The Bridge” which was one of largest platforms ever to measure and evaluate the effects of collective consciousness on evidence of ghost presence. During this event that consisted of 125 Teams/Locations WORLDWIDE, Cindie and her team at Sweet Springs Sanitarium obtained such compelling evidence of the paranormal and collective consciousness that their evidence was selected as the GRAND FINALE of the WORLD’S LARGEST GHOST HUNT 2021 EVIDENCE REVEAL during the Las Vegas ParaUnity Conference at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada!! The event was Co-hosted by PARAFlixx paranormal+ and Haunted Journeys and was livestreamed through Facebook, Youtube, and PARAFlixx on December 11, 2021 at 12:45 pm PST from The Las Vegas ParaUnity Conference.

To watch last year’s LIVE REVEAL:

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At 44:25 mark is where you will find the EVIDENCE REVEAL from Cindie Harper, Emili Garretson and Silesia Quick at Sweet Springs Sanitarium in Sweet Springs, West Virginia. Way to represent the Mountain State and one of the most haunted locations in West Virginia and The United States.

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