Letitia Preston Floyd Lewis

Letitia Floyd was one of Virginia’s earliest First Ladies. Marrying future Virginia Governor John Floyd Jr. in 1804, she had a ringside seat to some of the most important political events of the 1820s and 1830s. Mrs.
Floyd took a lively interest in the national affairs that swirled around Virginia and her husband. In her later years she took an increasingly strong interest in the Catholic Church, finally undergoing formal conversion to that faith during the last year of her life. One writer described her as a “Pioneer Catholic Feminist”. She and Governor Floyd are buried at Lynnside near Sweet Springs in Monroe County.

BIRTH13 Mar 1814Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia, USA
DEATHFeb 1886 (aged 71)Monroe County, West Virginia, USA
BURIALCatholic CemeteryMonroe County, West Virginia, USA

Lynnside was heavily vandalized during the Civil War by Union soldiers who camped on the grounds of the property, mainly because of its close association with Confederate General John B. Floyd. 

In 1933, Lynnside was struck by lightning, causing a small fire to break out at the house.  Local firefighters that were called mistakenly went to the community of Lindside, some 30 miles distant. 1 By the time they arrived at Lynnside, the residence had effectively been gutted.

Cindie Harper took this photo of Lynnside. It is privately owned so if you plan to visit, please make sure you get permission first. You may contact the Monroe County Historical Society.

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